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Authentic leadership in the construction industry

Leadership is at the heart of business success and at the heart of our work. We believe that true collaboration starts at the top – the commitment and engagement of senior leaders is vital to successful change.

Understanding how to be an authentic leader is critical to the sustainable success of any collaboration, allowing you to meet customer, stakeholder and shareholder expectations.

Our work helps leaders to be clear about how to work collaboratively. In our dedicated workshops, you’ll learn the skills and behaviours you need to deliver targeted business objectives and outcomes, and how to inspire others to work to the same principles.

We encourage and coach the kind of leadership which demonstrates commitment, hard work, flexibility, openness to change and clear communication – all the fundamental aspects of collaborative working.

Collaboration in Action: Good Examples Showcase

What are the best examples of collaborative working? Who is doing it well? Keith Waller, government adviser, lists some industry leading examples.

Our approach is a tailored mix of:

Collaborative consultancy

Is collaboration right for us?

Strategic vision workshops

Where do we want to get to?

Risk workshops

How do we manage risk collaboratively?

Collaborative leadership workshops

Getting the right styles of leadership in place

Top team coaching

Keeping leaders true to the spirit of their vision

30% better

How to be 30% better than the competition

On average, 30% of marks awarded to suppliers bidding on long-term infrastructure projects are awarded for demonstrable positive behaviours. These positive behaviours can be easily achieved through collaboration and this often starts with the full commitment of the senior leadership team. Read this article to find out how authentic leadership and other collaborative behaviours can secure success.

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The C word – how Collaboration could save the construction industry

Collaboration could well save the construction industry – and it’s down to the leadership teams to make this happen. The primary role for industry leaders when it comes to collaborative is to create condition for long term success – the success of individuals, of team, of projects and of vital infrastructure improvements. Read this article to learn more.

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Adaptability in a Changing Environment

Nothing stays the same. Situations, people and circumstances shift throughout the lifecycle of any business or project.

Being able to adapt and respond to these changes is critical to collaborative success.

Adaptability pie chart

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