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Change Management in the construction industry

Well-managed change keeps your project on track, reduces inefficiencies and keeps costs low. In many cases, it’s badly-managed change that results in project delays, ever-increasing budgets and a complete loss of goodwill.

So it makes sense to be ahead of the game, with leaders and teams that understand how change affects people and can manage that change to deliver a positive outcome.

Our approach is to start by understanding your existing readiness to change. Using dedicated change management tools, we measure how far the culture of your organisation is ready to adapt, and what approaches it would take.

By working with your team members, we look at how these current attitudes and behaviours and how they are impacting your current programme delivery. We reflect on the current vision and mission and identify how the culture of the organisation is supporting - or hindering - effectiveness.

Then we use tried and tested change management models to develop principles, steps and tools that allow you to be confident about the process itself, understand how to implement it, be able to engage the teams throughout the change, and evaluate your progress so you can improve where necessary.

So many organisations will face obstacles when a period of change is on the horizon and it can be difficult knowing how to manage this process. This article discusses what change management is, how sustainable change management in complex organisations can be imbedded, and the outstanding results it has achieved for established companies such as Affinity Water.

A real life example of the benefits of change management

We employ a variety of tools and methods to test today’s reality against tomorrow’s ideal working environment. For example we employ:

JCP Consultancy relationship measurement tool

Measuring relationships in a clear and effective way

Best practice event

Sharing best practice and reminding people of key collaborative messages

Review events

What is going well and not so well and how do we need to improve?

Refreshing the collaborative vision

Keeping things fresh and welcoming new members of the team

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