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Development and Review

Development and Review

Once a collaborative performance culture has been established it needs to be nurtured and grown. We believe the best way to do this is through positive and consistent measurement and frequent review.

Our Measured online relationship measurement tool programme leaders to increase overall efficiency and communication by measuring perceptions and behaviours, identifying areas of good practice and areas requiring attention, and suggesting specific actions to improve. Whilst providing a robust methodological framework, the tool is flexible enough to be tailored to the needs and aspirations of specific situations.

By working closely with new team members and developing existing teams, you can ensure that attitudes and behaviours are consistent across the programme, regardless of partner organisation or length of service. To reflect the long-term nature of many of the programmes we are involved with, we also support you with renewing and refreshing the key collaborative messages as your programme progresses.

Development and Review Services include:

  • JCP Consultancy relationship measurement tool - measuring relationships in a clear and effective way
  • Best practice event - sharing best practice and reminding people of key collaborative messages
  • Review events - what is going well and not so well and how do we need to improve?
  • Refreshing the collaborative vision - keeping things fresh and welcoming new members of the team

Partnerships & Memberships

Major Projects Association
Crown Commercial Service Supplier
Institute of Civil Engineers