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Alliancing approach wins ‘Team of the Year’ for Highways England

The A14 Integrated Delivery Team is working on delivering a highways infrastructure project on the A14 between Huntingdon and Cambridge. The project is worth £1.5bn and the team has members from several partner companies, all led by the project client, Highways England. The A14 team won both Team of the Year and a Judges’ Special Merit Award at the national Highways Awards 2017 ceremony.

Why were we needed?

Highways England recognised the significant potential and rewards of embedding collaborative behaviours into the supply chain for the lifetime of a project of this type. As leaders in alliancing and collaboration, JCP was asked to join the A14 team to help design, embed, support and measure these behaviours.

The team needed an agency that could be part of the process on a long-term basis; an agency which understood the value of introducing alliancing right at the start of the supply chain process, and which could hold team members to account as the project moved forward.

What did we do?

Working together with Highways England and other A14 team members, JCP contributed to a dedicated Behavioural Maturity Framework (BMF) – a tool that allows quick and accurate assessment of team members to cross-check that the right behaviours are in place and are having a positive impact on the project.

The BMF identifies what good behaviours look like and what damaging behaviours look like across eight categories that had been agreed as being critical to the project’s success:

  • Challenging each other
  • Accountability
  • Engagement
  • Supporting each other
  • Trust and respect
  • Best person/organisation for the job
  • Issue resolution and decision making
  • Innovation and continuous improvement

Why is this important?

The work done by Highways England and the A14 team demonstrates that alliancing is about far more than getting the initial procurement process right; it is about innovative and successful ways to manage a positive supply chain on a complex long-term project.

By working with teams on the ground to assess behaviours and identify how they can change immediately, on-site and within the context of the project, JCP is contributing to best practice within the highways industry.

Results of our work

I would like to really thank JCP for all the hard work, professionalism and dedication. That hard work has helped make the A14 IDT successful, and was a massive differentiator in enabling the procurement and supply chain team to pick up the first 2 awards for this mega project.

Teamwork was the key behind this success. Collaboration and inclusion, totally underpinned by behaviours, which is where JCP have really excelled in understanding our needs and helping us in the first of hopefully many awards.

Andrew Spencer
Procurement & Supply Chain Director
A14 Integrated Delivery Team

Highways England

Why is collaboration so effective?

Positive attitude and behaviour is vital to the success of long-term projects. Defining acceptable behaviours for your project, selecting suppliers consistently and developing, motivating and measuring those behaviours during mobilisation and delivery can transform the way you, your partners and other stakeholders perceive your success.

“The integrated delivery model involves representatives from the key partners working together as one team to achieve common project goals. This has fostered a highly collaborative organisational culture which has been driven through behaviours, cross-functional interaction and shared core values. An essential component is this integrated way of working was extended to our supply chain partners. It is imperative for the success of the project that the supply chain partners selected share the same philosophy and align with the desired culture and values.”

Highways England

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