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Adaptability in a Changing Environment

Nothing stays the same. Situations, people and circumstances shift throughout the lifecycle of any business or project.

Being able to adapt and respond to these changes is critical to collaborative success.

Do you recognise these comments from other business or project leaders?

  • Despite so much time supporting my team, we are they still slow to respond to changes
  • There is another change coming and I am worried my team will not take it seriously
  • Why is it so hard to make change around here stick?
  • Just when I've got it working about right, another change comes along. What do I have to do to cope with this environment better?

If any of these comments resonate, take our test below.

The results will reveal how well your business and/or team currently adapts to change and shows areas to work on to make a sustainable difference.

Test your team’s readiness to adapt to changes with this simple test:

The results may surprise you. Or be confirmation of what you had suspected. In any event, a fuller understanding of the impact of your results, and support to build a sustainable improvement plan is available from a dedicated JCP associate. Please email Simon Vaughan.

This test can be taken by a range of people across your organisation to generate more revealing results and analysis. For a wider organisation survey, with deeper insights and support to bridge the gaps, contact JCP today. All the information supplied is not stored by JCP and is only visible to the test participant.

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