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Collaborative working in the UK construction industry is shifting from concept to reality. More and more sectors are recognising the benefits of working towards shared goals, sharing risk and rewards and finding savings and efficiencies in increasingly challenging markets.

JCP has extensive experience of supporting leaders, project managers and team leaders to build teams, procure the right experts and deliver projects on time, on spec and on budget. Many of the teams and projects we have worked on have gone on to win awards and becoming best-practice examples in their sector.

Our collaboration services are proven to:

Add value

Add value to your programme

We foster excellent relationships and encourage open communication between all parties in your partnership. By ensuring positive behaviours, a focus on delivery and the ability to adapt to change, we add value to short and long-term programmes at all levels.

Significant results

Achieve significant results

Programmes that use our alliancing and collaborative experience run more smoothly, deliver on or ahead of schedule and work within or under budget. They also result in improvements in learning and development which can be applied to future programmes.

Deliver success

Deliver programme success

Focusing on complex long-term programmes requires commitment from start to finish no matter the changing circumstances. We instil confidence in high-pressure environments, and bring experience in meeting regulatory, governmental and commercial requirements, to ensure you have all you need to deliver and maintain programme success.

We deliver better project success working with:


We’ll help to define project objectives and outcomes. Understanding the overall vision and goals for your programme makes it easier to plan, procure, mobilise and deliver. Use our expertise to ensure a deep understanding of what you need to deliver, who you need to work with and what success will look like.

Project managers

Whether building a new team or leading a ready-made one, we support your planning and mobilisation processes, covering the standard issues of procurement, risk management and detailed task planning. Then we help define the key behaviours required to drive the programme forward, creating the best environment for the best outcome for all parties.


Finding suppliers who are aligned in values and approach is critical to programme success. Equally, responding to tenders where often upward of 30% of marks are on demonstrating aligned behaviours, can be a challenge to businesses new to this approach. We bring together supply teams who work together more effectively over the long-term, becoming high-perfoming teams as mutual trust grows and commitment to accountability and other behavioural aspects increase.


A key part of our work and for programme success, we are passionate about helping leaders to define targeted business outcomes and use their capabilities to lead their teams to success. We start with defining a realistic but stretching vision, supported with precise and measurable goals, using high level workshops to capture strategic aims and objectives, identify, analyse, mitigate and manage the potential risks inherent in new and complex programmes.

Who we work with

We work with pro-active companies selecting and bidding for high-value, complex programmes across all sectors. We help major clients, contractors and their supply chains realise the benefits of efficiencies of scale, speedier delivery, increased profit and improved relationships from working collaboratively with each other. We have a 91% success rate in helping our clients win work.



We have proven success working with the water industry to help teams and suppliers work together more collaboratively and realise better results. We have a solid understanding of the industry, having worked with the likes of Anglian Water, Thames Water, Affinity Water and Welsh Water and have achieved great results; including more than a 40% saving over 8 years for one of our clients.



A significant proportion of our clients are from within the rail sector. We’ve worked with the likes of London Underground and MTRC to find better ways of working and better ways to success. We’re also on the on the framework for HS2.



JCP Consultancy have been working alongside Highways England for several years on a variety of alliancing projects. The A14 Integrated Delivery Team, who had been working with JCP, won both Team of the Year and a Judges’ Special Merit Award at the national Highways Awards 2017.

Partnerships & Memberships

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